To download PicturePC v0.2.683.0, please choose from the following options:

  • Generates XML files.
  • Generates HTML files.
  • Generates TXT files.
  • Include read-only, hidden, system and temporary files.
  • GZip compression of generated files.
  • Array of options for handling generating files.
Click here to download. While you are waiting, why not take a look at the manual to get a better feel for how the software works?
Paid (coming soon):
  • Everything in the free version (of course).
  • More to come...
Version History
  • New installer.
  • Massive overhaul to the entire UI.
  • Check For Updates updated to use the latest UI design.
  • Added basic About window (shows software information, version, build, etc).
  • Full registry writing support to supported file formats (browser is coming later).
  • Fixed crashes occurring when writing HTML of TXT files for folders.
  • Fixed a fault in "Check For Updates" that causes downloaded update files to be kept.
  • You can now store various folders and registry entries to generate as and when needed.
  • Full system tray support (application minimizes to it when not required).
  • Settings can be used in the software without being saved (settings per session mode).
  • Full logging support (for files generated, errors, changes, etc).
  • Error messages, confirmation messages and all others now use styled window (with show options for specific ones).
  • Lots of optimizations and other smaller fixes in various areas.
  • Fixed a minor fault that displayed the build information incorrectly.
  • Added support to automatically check for the latest updates and download them.
  • The progress bar in the status area is now only shown when files are being generated.
  • If an extension for the filename is not supplied, one based on the selected format is added for you.
  • Fixed a fault that prevented all files and folders from a root path being fully obtained.
  • Fixed a fault that caused a double exit confirmation message to appear when files are being generated.
  • Fixed a fault that caused specific setting controls to main enabled when files are being generated.
  • Added "Always recursively loop through root folder to get all files" option to the "Options" tab.
  • Fixed crashes occurring when PicturePC is closed while a file is being generated.
  • Everything...
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